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Clean Production Monitoring & Management System of Coal Con

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System of Coal Fired Power Plant:

Clean production monitoring & management system of coal conveying system of coal fired power plant is an integrated management and evaluation system using 3-DEM® Transfer Point Technology based on coal fired plant system;

Clean production monitoring & management system of coal conveying system of coal fired power plant includes monitoring of dust concentration in Transfer Point, control of dust removal equipment, detection of dust in stockyard operation area, and dust suppression equipment control, monitoring of PM2.5 in the surrounding environment of coal conveying system, necessary meteorological data of the plant, comprehensive energy consumption and water consumption data of the coal conveying system. All data is transmitted to coal conveying control room through remote operation control and monitoring unit for real-time display of clean production status of coal conveying system of coal fired power plant to instruct the production. The system includes:

1. Transfer station dust monitoring and control system: It is an assisted control system using new Transfer Point Technology based on transfer station, consists of dust concentration detection device, foam-water spray dust removal system, high-top adjustable inclination chute collecting device and dust suppression system along transfer station, and controls the regulating angle of adjustable chute collecting device, the operation mode of foam-water spray dust removal system, and the start/stop of the belt cleaning device and the fog system through dust concentration signal and belt overload operation signal detected by dust detection device, and material moisture content to realize the clean and safe operation of transfer station. 

Update traditional disalignment protection switch for real-time monitoring of belt deviation. Reason for belt deviation can be effectively judged to find effective treatment method through associative analysis of actual belt conveying capacity and instantaneous deviation;

The dust concentration detection data of transfer point and the running status of related peripheral equipment can be instantaneously recorded through local control cabinet PLC and be transmitted to the clean production & management system in the program-controlled room through optical fiber and host computer;

2. Stockyard operation area: Stockyard operation area is a very important link in clean production. Now Main Issues of stockyard management include material dripping of stacker reclaimer, dust emission of stacking/reclaiming operation and in stockyard;  measures taken including designing enclosed stockyard, assemblying wind-proof and dust-suppressing net, designing water spray system and assemblying large fog gun device do not form a set of normative and effective operation mode; stockyard clean production system design, consisting of meteorological data of harbor area, dust concentration detection of stockyard, dust suppression equipment and dust suppression equipment control system, can control the spraying of water mist and the operation of dust suppression fog gun equipment through dust concentration monitoring data, ambient temperature and wind speed;

Stockyard clean production system also includes stacker/reclaimer upgrading. Current domestic stacker reclaimer may have the problem of material dripping when boom mounted belt operates in different regions, and two-way boom mounted belt may have disalignment because of its short length;

3. Detection of dust concentration surrounding the production area: Detection of dust concentration surrounding the production area includes the detection of dust concentration and PM2.5 of different regions of the production area, including road, office area, etc. Instruct the cleaning operation and water spraying for dust suppression and improve the green production capacity of power plant through detection of dust concentration;

4. Comprehensive energy consumption of production operation of coal conveying system: Collect the power consumption data and actual quantity of fuel conveying of coal unloading line and coal feeding line of coal conveying system to form database and commute into power consumption data of ten thousand tons of conveying capacity to be used as the rating factor of system operation efficiency.

5. Coal conveying system water consumption and drainage of management: Coal conveying system water consumption and drainage of management includes collection, management and analysis of water consumption, treatment capacity and discharge capacity of waste water and other data in operation area. Water consumption of coal conveying system, to some extent, reflects the level of clean production of power plant.