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Typical Design Process of Curve Chute

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Typical Design Process of Curve Chute

For example, calculation of parabolic curve at the top of ** Belt of Phase I ** Transfer Point, **Belt B=1800, V=2.5, and the belt inclination at the top is 5.6°.

B. Finish CAD preliminary design and 3D design, and build model through the 3D design.

The figure is CAD preliminary design of Transfer Point.


The figure is preliminary 3D design and modeling of Transfer Point

C. Survey the physical parameters of materials and revise via EDEM software

Physical parameters of materials include elastic modulus, moisture content, ash content and particle size range of main materials. Link the actual data of dynamic repose angle of material through accumulated data and EDEM, study an determine the elasticity, viscidity, plasticity, deformation level, sliding, inflation and liquidity of material particles, and identify final simulation parameters;

The following is EDEM simulation calibration model of dynamic repose angle of material:

D. Import 3D design model into EDEM software and complete simulation analysis combined with set material parameters

The following figure is the movement velocities of material at the parts of Chute:


E. Revise the design and finalize the final system design of Curve Chute through the simulation analysis results