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Solution of “Y” Pipe Chute Optimized Design

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“Y” Pipe Chute is commonly used in the technical process of bulk material belt conveyor system. “Y” Pipe Chute Transfer System is prone to material deposit, “Y” Pipe switch sticking, and disalignment of material falling points at the top and dust emission in Transfer Point;

Main Issues issues:

● When the material moisture content is high, Top Hopper and “Y” Pipe part are prone to material deposit and blockage, material collapse will cause instantaneous overload of belt and material dripping; 

● Because traditional design of “Y” Pipe Chute is limited by the story height of Transfer Point, disalignment of material falling points exists more or less, causing overload and disalignment of subsequent belt;

● Large material impact to the belt and Chute Wall, heavy induced air, and large amount of dust will be generated when reversing;

● material deposit and blockage exist on the inclined plane of Chute when the material moisture content is super high;



● Adoption of Top Material Diversion Equipment and anti-blocking “Y” Pipe can avoid material deposit in Top Hopper and “Y” Pipe baffle plate and ensure “Y” Pipe freely switches;

● Design optimization of Curve Chute ensures the alignment of material falling points and good material pile to avoid belt overload and disalignment;

● Use of Curve Chute Inertial Dust Fighter Unit reduces material impact to the belt, inhibit the generation of induced air to inhibit the generation of dust;

● Combination of Skirt Sealing Systemwith Inertial Dust Fighter Unit and Dust Fighter Foam can ensure that the dust concentration of Transfer Point reaches the standard, and can obtain real-time data about the dust concentration of Transfer Point;

● Use of inclined chute flexible vibration system ensures that there is no material blockage in case of limited water cut;