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Solutions of S-R Machine and Stacker (Reclaimer) Belt Disali

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When boom mounted belt and stock yard belt are in vertical position or close to vertical position, no matter S-R Machine and Stacker (reclaimer) conduct stacking operation or reclaiming operation, boom mounted belt and stock yard belt are prone to disalignment, causing material dripping, and thus reducing the operating efficiency;

Main Issues issues:

● When moving the boom mounted belt, the center of the material falling points will change, and the belt is prone to disalignment;

● Because of shorter length, two-way running boom mounted belt is prone to no-load running and disalignment;

● Bend pulley is prone to depositing material, damaging belt and causing belt disalignment;

● Incomplete cleaning of belt causes material hanging, causing material dripping along the rail;

● When the materials are of high moisture content, the belt top is prone to blocking material and uneven material flow speed when conducting reclaiming operation;


● With the aid of 3D design and design of EDEM particle simulation optimized center hopper and Top Hopper, it can ensure that the center of the material falling points basically coincides with the center of the belt when boom mounted belt is operated in different areas, avoiding overload and disalignment;

● Optimize design of center hopper and transition hopper, select suitable lining material, and avoid material deposit;

● Be targeted to assembly Alignment Idlers to ensure alignment of two-way no-load running of boom mounted belt;

● Bend pulley where is prone to depositing material adopts PU Slag Discharge Pulley Plow to protect the belt, and avoid the roller surface sticking to materials, causing belt disalignment;

● Design high clarity cleaner of special structure to ensure the belt cleaning effect;