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Comprehensive Treatment Solution of 3-Position Telescopic He

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The 3-Position Telescopic Head Transfer Point, one of the Transfer Point of more complex layout of fuel delivery system and operation management, needs to completing material stacking/reclaiming switching, telescopic head multi-point material receiving, high level difference operation of subsequent belt, etc. There is severe dust, large impact and material blockage caused by stacked material overload and alignment, poor sealing of mobile telescopic top when switching.

Main Issues issues:

● During stacking operation of mobile telescopic head, sealing at Chute Wall is poor, causing dust overflow;

● During reclaiming operation of mobile telescopic top, sealing at Top Hopper is poor, causing dust overflow;

● When conducting stacking operation, material falling point disalignment during reversing transfer causes belt overload, disalignment, and material dripping, affecting the stacking efficiency;

● Large difference of level, large impact, and heavy induced air when transferring produce a large amount of dust;
● When the material moisture content is high, the Top Hopper and “Y” Pipe part are prone to material deposit and blockage, material collapse will cause instantaneous overload of belt and material dripping;

● Incomplete belt cleaning when reclaiming causes material hanging or dust emission;


● Mobile telescopic head is designed with upper and lower sliding sealing systems to adovid dust overflow;

● Use of Curve Chute Inertial Dust Fighter Unit fundamentally solves the problems of Transfer Point impact and induced air to inhibit the generation of dust;

● Use of Curve Chute ensures alignment of material falling points and good material pile to avoid belt overload and disalignment;

● Adoption of Top Material Diversion Equipment and anti-blocking “Y” pipe can avoid material deposit in Top Hopper and Chute;

● Combination of Skirt Sealing System with Inertial Dust Fighter Unit and Dust Fighter Foam can ensure that the dust concentration of Transfer Point reaches the standard, and can obtain real-time data about the dust concentration of Transfer Point;

● Use of specially customized PU cleaner ensures cleanness of belt in coal yard;

● Return belt adopts Alignment Idler to ensure belt alignment during no-load operation;

● Combined use of overlaying composite liner and grid structure fundamentally solves the problem of Chute wear;

● Adoption of PU Compound Slag Discharge Pulley Plow on the bend pulley at the tail of high level difference receiving belt can reduce tail dust and protect the belt;