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Clean Production Solution of Bunker Bay of Coal Fired Power

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Dust sources of bunker bay mainly include dust emitted from material falling points of Transfer Point, dust generated when plow discharger discharges, dust generated because of poor sealing of the top of raw coal silo, dust generated when conveying materials of lower moisture content, and dust generated caused because of incomplete cleaning of return belt. Generally, last belt of Bunker Bay Transfer Point switches through Y type switching chute, so bunker bay belt is prone to overload and disalignment caused by disalignment of material falling points.

Main Issues issues:

● More dust generation sources and heavy dust;

● There are multiple discharge points at the top of circular coal bunker, therefore, it is prone to powder emission when discharging in case of poor sealing of discharge points;

● Disalignment of material falling points causes severe belt overload and disalignment, and material dripping, affecting discharging operation;

● When the material moisture content is high, last Top Hopper and Y part are prone to material deposit and blockage, material collapse will cause instantaneous overload of belt and material dripping;

● Incomplete belt cleaning causes material hanging or dust emission;

● The discharge points adopt Bag Dedusters, are affected by dedusters and piping layout, and the dedusting effect is poor.


● Use of Curve Chute Inertial Dust Fighter Unit fundamentally solves the problems of Transfer Point impact and induced air to inhibit the generation of dust;

● Use of Curve Chute ensures alignment of material falling points and good material pile to avoid belt overload and disalignment;

● Adoption of Top Material Diversion Equipment and anti-blocking Y pipe can avoid material deposit in Top Hopper and Chute; 

● Combination of Skirt Sealing System with Inertial Dust Fighter Unit and Dust Fighter Foam can ensure that the dust concentration of Transfer Point reaches the standard, and can obtain real-time data about the dust concentration of Transfer Point; 

● Adoption of optimized channel design and interlocking air tight door (interlocked with the discharger station) at the top of raw coal silo at the discharge points of plow discharger solves the dust emission generated when discharging;

● Use of intelligent fog system at discharge points and along the belt inhibits the generation of dust;