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Comprehensive Treatment Solution of Coal Crusher Room of Coa

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more dust during operation caused because of large difference of level of coal crusher room of coal fired power plant and fanning effect of ring hammer crusher and material blockage and belt disalignment caused by different layout of Transfer Point equipment make coal crusher room of coal fired power plant one of the stations of relatively poor working environment. Because the coal crusher room generally adopts "one to one" layout form, and subsequent belt is usually provided with fired coal sampling device and fired coal measurement belt weigher, the operating condition of Transfer Point equipment is very important;

Main Issues issues:

● Large difference of level, heavy induced air, and more dust;

● material collapse caused by coal accumulated in roller screen hopper results in instantaneous overload transportation, further causing material dripping;

● Belt overload and disalignment causes deviation of fired coal measurement; 

● Belt overload and disalignment causes material dripping in operation area of fired coal sampling device;

● Severe dust on tail bend pulley;

● Large difference of level and severe Chute wear;

Optimal solutions: 

● Use of Curve Chute Inertial Dust Fighter Unit fundamentally solves the problems of Transfer Point impact and induced air to inhibit the generation of dust.

● Use of Curve Chute ensures alignment of material falling points and good material pile to avoid belt overload and disalignment;

● Use of polygon or arc hopper avoids material deposit in hopper;

● Combination of Skirt Sealing Systemwith Inertial Dust Fighter Unit and Dust Fighter Foam can ensure that the dust concentration of Transfer Point reaches the standard, and can obtain real-time data about the dust concentration of Transfer Point;

● Return belt adopts Alignment Idler to ensure belt alignment during no-load operation;

● Combined use of overlaying composite liner and grid structure fundamentally solves the problem of Chute wear; 
      ● Adoption of PU Compound Slag Discharge Pulley Plow on tail bend pulley can reduce tail dust and protect the belt;