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Haimen port transport station anti blockage dust case

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China huaneng haimen power plant is located in shantou city, guangdong province, is the power construction of key projects and national key project of guangdong province, by huaneng power international co., LTD. Wholly owned construction, planning and construction of six domestic millions of mw ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generating units, a total of 6 million kw. To increase the efficiency of the coal conveying system cooperate with kerry macmillan technology co., LTD., set up to collect dust suppression of a coal conveying system projects. 

装有除尘器的头部漏斗 头部漏斗侧面

          (Head with a filter funnel)                                                             (head funnel)

Huaneng haimen power plant installation cary technology to collect dust suppression equipment products after the scene actual situation:   

曲线溜槽-凯瑞 全密封导料槽-凯瑞科技

               (Chute curve)                                     fully sealed guide chute )             

全密封导料槽-凯瑞科技  全密封导料槽-凯瑞科技

(to reduce the impact of the material on the belt, the guide chute, the installation has a flat punch to reduce material down to tape the immediate impact. Reduce sharply down behind the dust particle collision) 

防堵抑尘设备现场试运行  防堵抑尘设备现场试运行现场状况

Commissioning of a coal conveying system after the installation is complete: material blanking points are, the clean working conditions on site.