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Henan Jiyuan Power Generation Co. Ltd. coal belt deviation c

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3-DEM transfer point technology used in power station comprehensive management of coal handling system

Install power plant:Jiyuan Henan Power Generation Co., Ltd.

Installation site: the coal yard bucket turbine of two-way run tape

Tape size: bandwidth 800 mm, groove angle of 35 degrees, tape horizontal length 206 M

Before the installation running status: 

Tape in production run for three years, there has been a serious problem of belt running deviation, used by many manufacturers provide a self-aligning roller and rectifying equipment, improve the effect are not ideal, and severe tear tape edge. Runtime running deviation and scattered coal phenomenon is serious, seriously affect the safe operation of the plant. Plan to replace the new tape, before replacing new tape, power plant, hopes to solve the problems of the belt running deviation, so as not to install the new tape injury soon after the new tape.

Implementation plan:

Auto tracking deviation installation tape roller up and down the 10 groups, providing products, installation plan, and organize installation implement all by hubei cary macmillan technology co., LTD., power plants with implementation. Installed after an operation of the coal correction effect is remarkable, rectifying device responsive, precise played a tracking correction effect, by feeding point in adhesive tape is not good, tape side tear serious tension range and under adverse conditions, such as belt tension is not enough, reflecting the good rectifying effect.

Before installation, running deviation, tape on both sides of the injury is serious, pier and serious coal as shown in figure:




Use roller cone heart rectifier, use wire bundle, no effect


Install tracking no running status after rectifying rollers: 


Installation of groove type track running status after rectifying rollers:


After installation of planar tracking correction roller running status: 


Tape the runtime return is very normal, rectifying the user satisfactory effect: