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3-DEM foam spray dust removal systems

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Foam spray dust removal system is dust removal equipment which is made up by foam dust removal system and water fog dust removal system. Through mutual use water filtration equipment and pipeline pump supply water,By measuring the size of the transfer station of environmental dust concentration to control the start-stop of dust removal equipment.When the conveyor is in start stage and material moisture content is very low,Transfer Point will seriously exceed the standard of dust concentration,at this time choose to start the foam dust removal system.When the dust concentration is low,choosing to start the water spray dust suppression systemso as to achieve the purpose of economic operation.With a small booster pump can ensure the pressure is always at about 0.8MPa, which meet the requirements of the spray foam and also can guarantee the water spraying system for atomization;

1, system function and characteristics: The foam spray dust removal system of transfer station makes use of the flushing water, which has been filtrated effecitively and  into which a certain amount of foaming agent has been automatically added,to complete a series of processes such as 

materials feeding, mixing, foaming etc. to produce fine foams by inducing wind pressure and through dedicated equipment;  and then foams will be sprayed onto the dust sources through independent foamgenerating unit and act on the dust by means of covering, moistening,adhering etc.  so as to decrease the dust concentration effectively at transfer station; with corresponding dust removal system supported, it can  meet the dust removal requirements of low dust concentration, thereby greatly improve the working environment of transfer station,cut down  the operating costs, and effectively reduce the incidence of disease of staffs working in front line. 

Foam spray dusting compared with other wet dust removal, water consumption can be reduced by 60% - 80%,The dust removal efficiency is 3 ~ 5 times higher than that of ordinary spray dust.Foam spray dust removal system has the following characteristics:

1)Equipment can be combined with a dust concentration values which measured in transfer point to choose dust removal mode(Foamstart or Fog start or stop) automatically.Equipment control system can clearly display real-time dust concentration of transfer point, 24 hours of dust concentration fluctuation curve,the cumulative water consumption of equipment, Chute Walloutlet velocity and transfer point temperature and humidity parameters.Test parameters of each station can be uploaded to the unified management system.

2)  After more than 40 times foam,liquid volume and the total surface area increased significantly, Increase the collision efficiency with dust, Foam can gapless coverage of dust source,fundamentally prevent dust from spreading and purifying station work environment. Foam spray dust removal system combined with 3-DEM inertial dust chute could be fundamentally guaranteed with standard of dust concentration at the transfer station.

3)  Foam liquid film containing special additives, can quickly change dust wettability, increasing the dust wetted speed.

4)  The foam has good viscosity,dust and foam contact will quickly be adhered by foam.

5)  Foam spraying onto the guide chute can play a role of completely partition.

6)  The nozzle is not plugged and has small amount of maintenance and good economy.

7)  Water consumption is small,The same power equipment water consumption is lower than the aerosol dust suppression equipment


Second, the product structure and main technical parameters

1.Systemstructure and main technical parameters

Ex-level water systems including water filtration system (manual brush cleaning), pipe booster pump, flow meter, power systems and water distribution installations foam dust suppression system works as follows:



 The main technical parameters of each independent foam generating device of foam dust removal system in transfer station. 

Water consumptionm3/h

Foam-producing capacity


Air consmptionm3/h



Foaming times






 Because foam spray dusting system using a modular design, combined with the Belt width, and the material properties of the dust suppression needs, multiple independent device can be used in combination

2The main technical parameters of the box and the foam generator 

The box and the foam generator is the main equipment of foam dust suppression system, which is composed of the foam box, foaming agent device quantitative given , Water control and foam control systems,the gas control and recycled foam equipment,separate foam units and foam control system.The box is made of 304 stainless steel, other metal parts are made of stainless steel material and the surface is acid and alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, all non-metallic parts are made of acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, anti-static, flame retardant materials, the overall equipment and key parts are throught hydrostatic penetration test,prevent drip and leak phenomenon.

The main technical parameters of box, mixer and blowing equipment

Cabinet volume




The inlet waterpressureMPa

The inlet air pressureMPa

The inlet water joint dimension

The inlet air joint dimension





Round-end joint25

Round-end joint25

3Modular foam generator

Modular foam generator is formed by multiple independent foaming unit,The number of independent foam combination unit  is determined according to the requirements of foam dust removal condition of choosing different combinations of the number and layout so as to achieve the best results.