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Source:Hubei Creating Techn     Author:creating china     Pubdate:2015-03-16     View:1039

 Hubei Creating Technology Co., committed to bulk material conveyor belt system transshipment point technology, the company's patented 3-DEM transit point for technology and products are widely used in coal-fired power plant equipment material handling and port transport industry; in 2014 the company should Hong Kong and China Aviation development Forum are invited to participate in the 14th China 2014 port and shipping logistics exhibition; the company has advanced 3-DEM technology transfer point to get published in Chinese journals Wharf development Forum.


 2015  Creating China 3-DEM transit point for Technology in Coal Fired Power handling system is the information published in the journal Plant in January 2015 Plant Industry News Publications.


3-DEM technique transit point for bulk materials handling systems in the port industry is widely published in the harbor technology magazine.


The company has 21 patents related industries. Systemic aspect wherein 3-DEM technology to provide users with new transport means lower investment and operating costs of the device reduce maintenance costs are enormous effectiveness of significance. Fundamental solution to improve belt conveyor transfer points and the presence of a variety of energy consumption, air and noise pollution. 3-DEM technology is widely used, can be implemented in the port transport, coal mining, coal, cement, mining, chemical, sand, concrete, waste power generation, paper and other types of bulk material handling industry.