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Rizhao port T3 platform

Source:Hubei creating zhixi     Author:caoyongtao     Pubdate:2015-02-02     View:1060

Project description:

Rizhao port group, the second company bulk commodities such as iron ore handling operation as the main business, is now 16 production berths, of which 20-30 ton ore and professional berth 1 each, for T3 platform comprehensive treatment engineering, the engineering project includes the T3 platform 4 # funnel redesign and reconstruction, involving BH2, BH3, BQ2 three belt. 

Before and after the renovation site conditions:

Head funnel:

Outdated equipment before modification, and damper control device corrosion, the serious influence work efficiency; After transforming equipment whole transmission material plate and the sweeper are more appropriate adjustment.   


              (Before transforming)                                       (After transforming)

Three links:

Several wear out before modification often appeared phenomenon of wall material, modified straight the tee under buffer guiding device effectively reduce product material plugging material phenomenon;


 (befor   transforming)                                                  (After transforming) 

Tremie pipe:

The straight pipe before modification, and appeared more than grinding wear phenomenon exists and hanging phenomenon; After transforming the curve streamline design, flow surface adopt u-shaped structure effectively reduce hanging wall material.;



            (Before transforming)                                  (After transforming)

guide Chute:

Use not seal guide chute before modification, and lead to the dust, staff work; After transforming the sealed guide device manger, sealed performance is good and effective to reduce dust at the scene of many phenomena.


                     (Before transforming)                                          (After transforming)

 Transform window: 

1. Tremie pipe to increase buffer guiding device, adjust the material flow, ease the belt to the material

2. The blanking tube adopts streamlined design and u-shaped structure, reduce product material plugging material field

3. Head funnel changes the original grid baffle for arc buffer guide baffle, collected materials, reduce the plugging material