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Celebrating New Year

Source:湖北凯瑞知行科技有限公司     Author:刘文龙     Pubdate:2015-01-04     View:1197

Hubei Creating Technology Wuhan Branch BankCo., Ltd 2014 New Year's Day

Celebration A work of a harvest, encourage each other through thick and thin of 2014, 2015 to meet the new journey. Creating China together hand in hand to build a prosperous, democratic, civilized, harmonious, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotic, dedicated, honest, friendly warm home.


A pious, a comfortable. summary of 2014 to create a design, planning 2015 technological innovation. "Passion, rigorous, innovative and efficient" Creating China research and development.


A hint of warm blessing. sincere cooperation Thanksgiving 2014, 2015 embrace of dedicated service. Creating China management support unit "dedicated and thoughtful service-oriented, positive and optimistic faith-based."


Bouquet of flowers, a smile. With a single-minded attitude to work in good faith in exchange for blessings, blessings carrying 11 rose in 2015,  Hubei Creating Technology Co.,Ltd everyone trials and hardships, create a warm home.