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Huanghua port new project

Source:Hubei creating zhixi     Author:creating technology     Pubdate:2014-12-22     View:1108

Hubei creating zhixing Technology Co., Ltd. 3-DEM transfer point technology in Huanghua port bulk powder material conveying applications, optimization of powder like material conveying cast material, belt misalignment to a variety of problems.


The scene (curve chute installation) 


Double seal guide chute in oil drilling application of belt conveyor


Huanghua port is the Hebei Province coastal areas important port and China's primary energy output port, located at the junction of Hebei Province and Shandong Province, east of Cangzhou City, about 90 km of the coast of the Bohai Sea, and by the grocery port, port coal, integrated port and bayou port area four port. The geographical coordinates of longitude 117. 52 ', north latitude 38. 19 'land, about 45 kilometers away from Huanghua City, the water from the North East from Longkou 149nmile 60nmile. tianjin. Collection of Zhang Wei New River and Xuan Huihe Dakou River and the intersection of the sea.