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Zhanjiang port (Group) bulk terminal new project

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Zhanjiang harbour (group) co., LTD. Is one of the largest public port operator zhanjiang harbour, formerly known as zhanjiang port authority, in 2004, restructured into zhanjiang harbour group co., LTD. In 2007, 2008, after the overall restructuring, increase endowment spread, be controlled by zhanjiang sasac, China merchants international and six companies such as baosteel group owned joint-stock enterprise with foreign investment.

Zhanjiang harbour group along the island, two dagang xiashan, 38 production berths, of which each of 26, with the first and largest 30 tons Liu An crude oil wharf, 25 ton iron ore terminal in south China's largest and Asia's deepest 30 ton waterway, port through capacity of 49.54 million tons. Mainly engaged in oil, iron ore, coal, chemical fertilizer, sulphur, grain, timber, container, and major parts, such as a variety of goods loading and unloading of dangerous goods, warehousing, transit business, at the same time also for freight forwarding, shipping agency, ship towing, bonded warehouse, export supervised warehouse, processing, distribution and trade, distribution, information and other logistics value-added services.


New transfer station project


The curve of coal drop pipe installation


Curve Chute


Feed Chute  


  3-DEM Skirt Sealing 


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