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Huarun Hunan Electric Power Co. Ltd Comprehensive management

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China Resources Power Hunan Co., Ltd. now installed machine capacity 1300mw, a phase of the project installed two 650000 kilowatts generating units, put into operation in June 2007, coal handling system at the beginning of operation, the, due to the deviation of the belt coal spreading, system is a lot of leakage; the large gap between the system, transfer station of positive pressure big; dust collector is not superior fault, dust is extremely serious, hazy dust transfer station, especially 1#2# three station transfer point and coal crusher room, people have no access to, run the dust concentration in the transfer station may reach more than 300mg / m3.

Comprehensive management case of bulk transportation system:  


Coal crusher chamber before modification  


 Hunan Electric Power Co., Huarun coal crushing room after transformation 


Sod transshipment point before modification 


scene analysis


Huarun electric Hunan Co., Ltd. - transfer station three post transformation drawings