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Port exhibition

Source:Hubei Creating Techn     Author:Creating China     Pubdate:2014-11-07     View:1257

Chinese port and shipping logistics exhibitions to the global outlook and the incoming Chinese port and shipping development trends and vision. The incoming national transport session veteran gather together to break the difficulty incoming transport industry, expanding incoming transport market, broaden their horizons, exchange ideas, build consensus, plan for the development of port and shipping business practice and gather more fans Walker. Hubei Science and Technology Co., Ltd. as Knowing and Kerry transportation industry sessions, a pioneer in bulk material handling system has a 3-DEM transit point for patents to be invited to participate in October 30, 2014 --31-day China Development Forum will be incoming.


The opening ceremony of the exhibition site


Hubei Creating Technology Co., Ltd. as Knowing and parties were invited to exhibit booth located in the main venue of the second position.


Hubei Creating Technology Co.,Ltd Booth layout


Hubei Creating Technology Co., Ltd. as Knowing and were invited guests participating, with bulk material conveyor belt system RTS 3-DEM transit point for technical expertise to solve all kinds of bulk material handling problems in the system. Necessity use in bulk material handling systems Pictured Knowing and exhibitors to explain the 3-DEM transit point for technology and future prospects for future development of port and shipping transport.

The picture shows the exhibition exhibit and staff attentive to customers to explain the details and technical issues related to the transfer station on the delivery system.



Hubei Creating Technology Co.,Ltd For the bulk material handling industry-specific solutions, 3-DEM transit point technology gives you a solid material handling cleaner, safer and more efficient.