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KZDP-P No-load Alignment Idler

Product Features:

Product Desc:

KZDP-P No-load Alignment Idler

1. No-load Alignment Idler is divided into two independent Idlers;

2.When the belt run to one side after touching vertical idlers on either side, vertical idler rotate and drive brake rubber rubbing vertical idler, vertical idler speed decrease or even stop running. through the deficient friction of vertical idles to control the horizontal rotation of whole idlers so as to adjust the direction of belt.

3. Through the deficient friction between vertical idles and belt cause by deficient rotating speed, alignment with more responsive compared with other self-aligning idler.

4. External coating with high wear resistance and high coefficient of friction PU, which has the characteristics of big corrective force, long service life.

5. Work in any environment, including dry and wet states, providing fire-retardant products for use in underground.

6. Easy to install, maintenance-free during the design life.

7. Suitable for unidirectional or reversing belt with a better adaptability