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KZDJP-C Self-aligning Up Alignment Idler

Product Features:

Product Desc:

KZDJP-C Self-aligning Up Alignment Idler

Self-aligning idlers are the company's patented technology. The principle is when the belt run to one side after touching vertical idlers on either side, vertical idler rotate and drive brake rubber rubbing vertical idler, vertical idler speed decrease or even stop running, through the deficient friction of vertical idles to control the horizontal rotation of whole idlers so as to adjust the direction of belt. Compared with other traditional self-aligning idler, with better aligning effect, more responsive, and does not hurt the belt.

Main features:

1. Intermediate idle external coat with rubber, which has bigger corrective force.

2. Through the deficient friction between vertical idles and belt cause by deficient rotating speed, alignment with more responsive compared with other self-aligning idler.

3. Suitable for unidirectional or reversing belt with a better adaptability

4. Adopt universal idlers, low cost and easy maintenance.

5. Work in any environment, including dry and wet states, providing fire-retardant products for use in underground.