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3-DEM Transfer Point Technology

Source:湖北凯瑞知行科技有限公司     Author:凯瑞科技     Pubdate:2014-10-22     View:1248

 The key to efficient operation of solid bulk material continuous conveying belt is Transfer Point. Transfer Point technology affects the efficiency of material handling, and the service life of belt and other equipment, working environment of Transfer Point, safety of system operation and system operation cost, 3-DEM® Transfer Point Technology provided by CREATING ensures good feeding point, prolongs the service life of components of the conveying system, ensures system output, reduce system maintenance, and improve the conveying efficiency of belts by eliminating dust and material overflow.

 3-DEM® Transfer Point Technology includes optimization of Top Hopper, Top Material Diversion Equipment, Curve Chute, Junction of Material Diversion Equipment used for collection and inhibiting generation of induced air, Slider Cradle used as balance support at material falling points, Skirt Sealing System , Alignment Idler used to ensure alignment of belts, Inertial Dust Fighter Unit, Dust Fighter Foam, small efficient dust collection system, professional belt cleaning system and special hopper used to prevent material blockage. The System is designed to ensure efficient and smooth operation of materials and cleanness of Transfer Point.


Skirt Sealing System is provided with wear-resistant composite seal plates which can be adjusted up and down and with “Y” Conveyor Skirting outside. Provided with UHMWPE rectangle backing plate supporting component at the bottom to prevent belt vibration, internally assembled with Inertial Dust Fighter Unit, and equipped with small Dust Fighter Foam or small dust arrester assemblyation, belt has small investment, low operation energy consumption, and good sealing effect, ensuring good operating environment of Transfer Point.

Patent Alignment Idler, characterized by rapid rectification response, no damage to belt, long service life, and low maintenance, ensures no material dripping; with large layout space and less quantity, the construction cost is reduced, Alignment Idler is maintenance free during operation, therefore, the maintenance cost and cost of spare parts are reduced.

Application of 3-DEM® Curve Chute Technology makes the flow of materials in Chute orderly, avoids producing dust caused by collision of the materials, ensures absolute alignment of the material on the belt, and prevents disalignment of the belt caused by uneven material, thus reducing material impact failure to the equipment, putting an end to tearing the belt, reducing noise, preventing material blockade, and inhibiting generation of dust. 3-DEM® Curve Chute Technology reduces the project cost by optimizing Chute structure. Besides, it can also increase the service life of the equipment, reduce the gallery flushing times, save water, ensure clean gallery environment, increase the service life of the equipment of Tramsfer Point, and greatly reduce the running and maintenance cost.

Shaped for one time, PU Compound Drum Type Slag Discharge Pulley Plow has high dimension accuracy. Shaped with high wear-resistant polyurethane elastomer, the surface of PU Compound Drum Type Slag Discharge Pulley Plow contacting with belt has long service life,  no damage belt, has automatic slag discharge and belt protection functions during operation, and can clean the belt when  assembled on the working surface of the belt.